20 Examples of Web Developers Portfolios for Inspiration

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For example, a software engineer portfolio will be different from portfolio projects for business analysts. When it comes to advocating for your animation skills to potential clients — showing, not telling is often the best course of action. https://remotemode.net/ Matan Assulin’s online portfolio is a great example of this with a clean and intuitive website design and responsive animation throughout. Lauren Waller is a web developer who wants to do more than create an engaging landing page.

Kenneth Jimmy is a software developer based in Nigeria who has extensive experience developing modern applications. Ram Maheshwari focuses on front-end development for websites and web applications. With a simple and easy-to-use menu bar, his portfolio explains his credentials and work without going into how to become a front end developer excessive detail. Olaolu is an experienced front-end developer and UX engineer. His portfolio uses a vibrant and lively color palette to make it stand out. The sticky sidebar also makes it easy for users to navigate the site. Overall, it’s a great example of a clutter-free, one-page portfolio website.

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He focuses on simplicity and user friendly ideas that provide functionality in a company website. Super easy to understand who he is, what exactly he offers, and with whom he usually collaborate. You no doubt realize that every developer has a unique style, established by spending countless hours creating their sites.

  • It should also have a clear purpose, such as getting hired or freelance work.
  • The great thing about CakeResume portfolio is that you can quickly see how many people have clicked and liked your projects.
  • Ask them if you could support them with your coding skills and see how they can support you with a well-resourced and well-scoped first project, as well as a written recommendation.
  • Students or professionals looking to start building a profile can get inspiration from established developers.
  • Having a picture and description about yourself can help people get to know the person behind the code.

This web developer portfolio consists of three sections – the homepage with his bio, a dedicated project page, and a contact page. Last but not least is Adham, another full-stack web developer. With an impressive design and attention to detail, this developer from Australia checks all the right boxes. Creating speedy and attractive websites are top priorities for Joe Stanford when working on new projects. He also teaches the client how to easily manage their own website, graphic design and advertising assistance. Kani Leung was born in Hong Kong and moved to New York to obtain her college education. She is now a successful project manager and web developer with her own studio.

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I’m a front end developer, and I learned to code through a bootcamp. After spending six days a week, twelve or more hours a day, for five months learning front end development, UI design, and UX design, I was ready to graduate and start working. But there was one thing left to do in order to complete my program — build a portfolio. At that time, I was fighting burnout and a substantial inclination to binge-watch every show I had put on pause for five months. Now, five years later, I could not be more grateful that I took the time to build a portfolio to showcase my projects and my new skills.

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