5.4 Thereza and an unbarred head inside a closed people: writer, separate and you will feminist

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5.4 Thereza and an unbarred head inside a closed people: writer, separate and you will feminist

It is very important observe that Chico, thought brand new “this new wizard of tunes,” was alone complimented inside the Requiao’s newsprint mention, regardless of if he had been inebriated, failed to find yourself their speech, along with to leave the stage to own fighting his producer. It is, for this reason, you’ll to note the fresh discrimination experienced by women, who will be usually objectified because of the dudes and you may experienced not able anybody.

Following density of those incidents, Ligia find one she would like to go after their job since an excellent musician but learns you to she actually is pregnant along with her husband’s kids. That’s when she felt like you to definitely their profession is actually more important at the you to second: […] we understand that women need to choose from children as well as their field (Ligia’s conversation having Thereza).

Ligia after that has actually an enthusiastic abortion so you can invest herself completely on the community and you will cues new split up papers sent by the their own mother-in-law; she experienced discrimination not merely if you are a divorced lady, but for creating a singing career. When she would go to the club, particularly, which have Thereza and you will Maria Luiza, the newest pub people getting embarrassing on exposure out of Ligia and you can Maria Luiza, while they didn’t have new behavior requested at that time for females (each other as opposed to a husband and working people).

Thereza is quite not the same as Maria Luiza and Ligia, even with and having increased social standing. She’s a lady who was simply maybe not attached to the patriarchal heritage of that time; she is contrary to the personal part related to feminine (). Thereza ‘s the exemption for having a position once the a reporter, taking walks regarding contrary guidance of what was expected regarding feminine at that time (Pinto, 2017).

Such as for instance exclusion is attributed to their own located in Paris with her partner, in which these people were influenced by Eu feminist actions which were already reshaping the brand new part of females in the society as a consequence of really works and you can educational opportunities (Azambuja, 2006; ). Thereza was a reporter therefore the merely lady just who worked for a women’s mag, new very-named Angela.

Thereza’s spouse had the exact same open head on the woman’s role when you look at the this new community and served his spouse

Within the views, his manager asks Thereza to engage yet another publisher on the mag, but Thereza wasn’t looking an author just who satisfied their character and you can failed to want to get other male associate:

– Simple: Biology. Guys are much more focused, a lot more top-notch, less mental. If perhaps you were a guy, instance, we would not be having these types of talk.

The fresh collection depicts brand new bias you to Thereza confronted at work to be a woman, being experienced inferior to their own men acquaintances (Azambuja, 2006), even after working for a women’s mag. Whenever called because of the Helo, good girl just who spent some time working because an unit and who was simply interested in being a journalist, Thereza used actions out-of discrimination sustained from the feminine, which gained straight down wages than the men, in order to encourage their workplace to engage their particular, while the, according to the dialog more than, the latest boss simply desired to hire dudes:

– Yes. I do not consider it will also harm for several other dress to help you embellish the bedroom (Thereza along with her company).

Getting Ligia, it had been needed to make a choice anywhere between motherhood and field, so that as said by the Almeida (2014), motherhood are the absolute most valued part attributed to feminine, and it also could well be very hard to reconcile motherhood having job

That way, Thereza manages to get Helo as part of the article employees of your own magazine. Then, during the an ending up in reporters to close next issue of the newest mag, Thereza implies a post regarding the women who was dealing with the brand new build away from Brasilia in order to focus on women that was in fact undetectable at that time; yet not, https://getbride.org/sv/georgiska-kvinnor/ she is one more time discriminated by the category:

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